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We repair any make or model car, suv, or truck - specializing in luxury vehicles

Our team brings 25 years of ASE-certified automotive technician experience to your job.  We excel in servicing BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars, Maseratis, and other high end vehicles. 

Brakes & Suspension

We can handle any job from brake pads to complex ABS systems. We do all moving suspension parts, axles, wheel bearings.. we do it all!

Tire & Battery Service and Sales

We have the equipment to do run-flat tires, low-profile tires, and up-to 26" rims. We also can install, replace, and repair most riding tractor tires. 

We can test your entire charging and starting systems, and offer good quality batteries if needed. 

A.C. problem?  Not a problem for us! We have state of the art a.c. equipment, that can handle the newest freon products. 

We offer all oil brands, including racing oil for high end cars. Fluid exchanges also offered.

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We have the diagnostic equipment to determine the reason why your "check engine" light is on, including tricky emissions problems. 

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